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Content Guidelines


Welcome to the GetOutdoorsTV community! Our mission is to protect and preserve the outdoors and the outdoor community. Our content guidelines are not specific rules, but rather best practices to follow as we create the most inclusive outdoor community for our growing audience base.

Specifically, it’s against GetOutdoorsTV’s policies to post videos that:

Feature graphic violence or personal harm

Do not promote safe practices

Violate local state or federal laws

Include disturbing or disgusting footage

Are pornographic or sexually explicit

Contain frontal nudity

Violate copyright laws

Contain hate speech, which includes verbal attacks based on sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or nationality

Reveal other users’ personal information

While GetOutdoorsTV employees will browse user videos for such prohibited content, there are too many videos for us to view every one of them to make sure they all meet our guidelines. Further, we reserve the right to include additional items we deem necessary as we continue to grow the community.

Also, if you see something, say something – we encourage and appreciate our community’s involvement in alerting us if you come across content that violates any of these guidelines.