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1_The Predators

The Predators

Narrated by Robert Redford, this film explores the dramatic relationship between predator and prey.

2_Our Favorite Animals

Our Favorite Animals

We dearly love pets. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fishes and Birds. So it is not surprising that many of our favorite wild creatures closely resemble our favorite tame ones.

3_Great Escapes

Great Escapes

In all of nature, the most exciting encounters are often those which erupt between a hungry predator and its intended prey.

4_Dangerous Encounters

Dangerous Encounters

Observe awesome attacks on humans and see narrow escapes which will make you shudder.

5_Spectacular Showdowns

Spectacular Showdowns

Although humans assume that wild creatures constantly duel to the death, the truth is that animals go to great lengths to avoid their rare fights.

6_Tender Times

Tender Times

Share this magical time in the lives of many different kinds of critters as we journey into the enchanting world of wild babies.

7_Fantastic Follies

Fantastic Follies

Catch the comical consequences of weird, wacky wildlife caught up in close calls and unbelievable incidents.

8_Wacky Babies

Wacky Babies

A baby Moose dancing the Tango? A Grizzly cub performing water ballet? A trio of nutty Parrots singing barbershop harmony? You've never seen funnier footage!

9_Wild Wings

Wild Wings

In all of nature, the most beautiful and majestic of our wildlife are the birds.

10_Amazing Ledgends

Amazing Legends

Watch spellbound as mighty Grizzly and ferocious Cougar come to savage blows.

11_Deadly Beauty

Deadly Beauty

A rolling thunder roars down a mountain as a massive blanket of snow obliterates everything in its path.

12_Martys World

Marty's World

Go behind the scenes as Marty talks about his parents, brothers, and the importance of his wife Diane and children, Hannah and Luke.