Trout of a Lifetime

Stannard Rock is a reef in Lake Superior that ranks as one of the most remote fishing destinations in the Great Lakes. Nearly 40 miles from the closest point of land and with no “safe harbor”, the anglers who make the trek to Stannard Rock are a unique breed of adventure seekers. In this episode Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 teams up with Captain Travis White of Keweenaw Charter Fishing Company showcase a fishery that is rarely experienced, but has the potential to deliver world class trout on every cast.

Show Description

Fishing 411 TV Hosted by Mark and Jake Romanack is a nationally syndicated TV show that focuses on education that helps anglers to be more successful on the water. Fishing 411 TV is primarily filmed in the Upper Great Lakes region and focuses popular species including walleye, smallmouth bass, king and coho salmon, brook trout, steelhead, lake trout, brown trout, pike, muskie and panfish and the techniques used to catch them. This father and son team follow their passion for fishing and sharing fishing information with others.

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